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Posted by Molly Chambers on

I gave the living room a little refresh for Spring this week. I stuck with neutrals, chippy wood, galvanized metal, and pops of green for a fresh farmhouse look. It really brightened up the space, which has been nice with the weather being so gloomy lately. I love styling my blanket ladder in unexpected ways- with hanging lanterns, a picture frame, and a wire basket that serves as a shelf. They are all tied on with jute twine, and in nearly two years I haven't had any trouble with things slipping or falling off. The ladder was a big score. It had been hiding underneath my in-laws house for decades, left behind by the previous owner. Knowing I have affection for old and worn items, they offered it to me and I joyfully accepted. It was extremely long, so I cut off nearly four feet, and display the smaller half on my fireplace.

Farmhouse Living Room


And after months of blank walls above the sofa, in a moment of genius (or desperation) I hung a zinc wall planter. Knowing that I am terrible with plants, i opted to use it to display faux succulents, mini nests, and collections of tiny pots and votives. I'm sure I'll play with the styling eleventy billion more times, but for now I'm enjoying the look of the galvanized metal on the wall. The lack of color is a little different for me, I usually have a pop or two in pillows and such, but I'm going to live with this for a bit before I add anything else. The neutrals are very calming, and in a house full of boys this mama needs all the calm she can get! Hope y'all have a lovely Spring weekend!



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