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Brave New World

Posted by Vicky Chambers on

We launched our online shop Nested Sanctuary yesterday, and I wanted to introduce myself to all of you who visit our shop. Those who know me well would never associate me with an online business. I have always been a Brick and Mortar gal, and shop small stores whenever I can. I owned a retail shop for 24 years and can count my online shopping adventures on one hand. My young grandchildren know more about my electronic devices than I do, and my husband just loaded word on my computer so I could write my first blog.

 So what inspired me to take the leap into online retailing? Well as the old saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. I sold my beloved retail store in 2014 and moved half way across the country for my husband’s work. But that has not changed who I am at heart, a creator, designer and entrepreneur. I believe life is to be decorated and celebrated, and I love expressing my creative self and helping others find that quality within themselves. I love making the ordinary look extraordinary, and giving things that “wow” factor. I have really missed having the store and doing the things I enjoy so much.

Nested Sanctuary is now my new door and has become possible through collaboration with my daughter and business partner Molly. Molly got involved in my prior shop from an early age and we worked side by side for the last several years. We both miss those moments and hope to recreate them through Nested Sanctuary. Molly not only has great creative talent, but also the tech savvy to help me through this learning process. Molly did a beautiful job designing our website and is slowly teaching me how to navigate things like Instagram and Pinterest. I hope to someday understand how search engine optimization works, why hashtags are more than just folders to organize ones thoughts, and to someday learn how to tweet. Well to be completely honest, I will probably leave the tweeting to Molly. I just don’t think I tweet.

Launching this website reminds me of how I felt the first day and everyday I opened the doors at my shop. Customers like you are coming in and visiting the website, but it feels strange not to be able to greet you as you enter. I wanted to know what you were looking for and to show you all the beautiful items we had carefully displayed. I wanted to personally thank you for shopping with me and to tell you I hoped you come back to visit us again soon. My customers were like family to me, and I was honored to help them find special treasures for themselves or as gifts for their family and friends.

Our goal is to provide that level of personal service in an online environment, and to really get to know you on a personal level. We don’t have the all the answers as yet, but we hope to figure it all out as we grow with this new venture. We would love it if you emailed us pictures of items you purchase as they are displayed in your home, or if you are looking for that perfect piece and want to show us where you want it to go. Is there something like a personal online shopper? We would love to be that person for you. Any feedback you can provide us is always greatly appreciated. Welcome again to Nested Sanctuary and thank you for visiting our website and reading my first post. One great thing I love about the online world is that I didn’t have to lock the doors and close up shop tonight. We are open 24 hours a day and I wrote these thoughts in the comfort of my pajamas.

 Bye for now and hope to see you again real soon.


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  • Yay! Excited for you two!
    And for me!

    Christe Roknich on

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