January Part 4: The Reveal

It's time to share the full reveal of our office makeover. We've worked hard the last few weeks to spruce up this space, and I couldn't be happier with the result. I enjoy being in my home office now. I want to work in there. I am so excited about what this space means for the future of Nested Sanctuary. Even though we've only just finished this room, it is already proving to increase my productivity and creativity. How could I ask for more?

While this makeover was filled with its share of challenges (what DIY project isn't, really?) I am proud of the work that we have done to overcome and outsmart some of those difficulties. So without further ado, the before and afters you have been waiting for.

The Workspace

Before                                                                  Now

Before Workspace Workspace After

The most impactful transformation in this room came from the design of the workspace. Creating a built-in look was key in providing both a functional and beautiful storage solution for one of the hardest working rooms in our home. Now I have a place to display my decor, keep my shipping and office supplies within reach, and hide away the rest behind closed doors. I've also hidden more unsightly but necessary items like my printer and garbage can underneath my large work table where they are easily accessible, but out of plain view. 

Bookshelf Detail Pegboard Detail

The addition of the pegboard was the perfect way to store my shipping and office supplies. Since I access these tools daily, keeping them organized and within reach was a requirement of the new space. And yes, I absolutely painted them to match the decor. Now, order fulfillment is a much quicker process!

The Bay Window

Before                                                         Now

Bay Window Before Bay Window After

The bay window area is now a cozy reading nook. Softening the window with bamboo shades and curtains creates dimension and interest in the formerly stark room. Now, I also have a comfortable place to sit and sip coffee while I write blog posts like this one. Another bonus of the new seating area is that my kids will come in and sit while I'm working in here. They pop in just to chat, and feel comfortable and welcome in the office now. It makes my heart so happy to share this part of my life with them. This little area is probably my most favorite addition to this space.


The Feature Wall

Before                                                           Now

Feature Wall Before Feature Wall With Mirror

 For this makeover, it was important to me to address this under-utilized wall for one reason- you see it through the French Doors as soon as you walk into our house! I wanted to give this wall a little bit of "WOW" and I think my new wallpaper achieves that. When I began searching for the perfect print, I knew I wanted something floral and feminine, but wasn't exactly sure what that looked like. After scouring through hundreds of wallpaper samples, I stumbled upon this dandelion print, and instantly knew it was "The One." When my oldest son (who is now a teenager) was a toddler, he called dandelions "wishes" - a term we use in our family to this day. Having a wallpaper in this room that is full of "wishes" seemed entirely appropriate. This room is where I build my business, a business that I wished for as a means to support my family while still being home with my boys. This wallpaper makes me smile everytime I look at it.

Final Thoughts

One room down, eleven to go! If we've learned anything from this process in the first month, it is that it feels darn good to 100% complete a project. The new office space makes me so happy. It feels cozy and inviting, and this is SO important for the future of the shop. Working from a place I enjoy being in, inspires my creative soul. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride at what we accomplished in this room, and this makes me so excited for the next room makeover. Committing to overhauling 12 rooms in our home this year was probably the craziest and smartest decision I have ever made.

Thank you for following along on this journey with us!

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