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News from the Nest

Brave New World

Posted by Vicky Chambers on

We launched our online shop Nested Sanctuary yesterday, and I wanted to introduce myself to all of you who visit our shop. Those who know me well would never associate me with an online business. I have always been a Brick and Mortar gal, and shop small stores whenever I can. I owned a retail shop for 24 years and can count my online shopping adventures on one hand. My young grandchildren know more about my electronic devices than I do, and my husband just loaded word on my computer so I could write my first blog.  So what inspired...

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Why Nested Sanctuary?

Posted by Molly Chambers on

Sanctuary: A place of refuge or safety. Synonyms include haven, retreat, shelter, oasis, hideaway, nest, home. Our homes are our sanctuary. A place where we find peace and comfort with the people we love. Last year, this truth became increasingly evident when my husband received a promising job offer in his Midwestern hometown. It would mean big changes and a big leap of faith for our family, but it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. We packed up our three young children and moved them from their sunny Southern California home to a small town in Southern Indiana. Unsurprisingly,...

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