Why Nested Sanctuary?

Sanctuary: A place of refuge or safety. Synonyms include haven, retreat, shelter, oasis, hideaway, nest, home.

Our homes are our sanctuary. A place where we find peace and comfort with the people we love. Last year, this truth became increasingly evident when my husband received a promising job offer in his Midwestern hometown. It would mean big changes and a big leap of faith for our family, but it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. We packed up our three young children and moved them from their sunny Southern California home to a small town in Southern Indiana. Unsurprisingly, the move was difficult for my older boys. So, I did what any mom in my position would do, and scrambled to unpack their possessions first. I stayed up most of the first night in our new home assembling bunk beds, hanging curtains, and washing bedding. My sons needed to feel safe and secure in their new environment. They need the familiarity of home. Providing them with a sanctuary helped ease our transition. When changes were on the horizon, or life was feeling hectic, they knew they could retreat to their bedroom and find peace in their surroundings.

Once the kids' spaces were complete, I began furiously unpacking the rest of our belongings. Like the boys, I too needed to feel the comfort of the people and the things that I loved filling our new home. I busied myself with the task of creating a beautiful and functional space that accommodated my family. As I nested, I began to miss my time in our retail store back in California. I missed collaborating with my mother on product selection, display ideas, and design trends. I enjoyed that creative outlet, and I wanted to work with her again. I was thrilled when she agreed to partner with me in an online business venture.  From there, Nested Sanctuary was born.

So today, as we launch our shop, I hope you will find products that you love. Products that inspire creativity and fill your heart with joy. We are here to help you make the best of your nest.



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